Your safety and the safety of your family is a very important part of family life at College Heights Christian church. 

To that end, we have developed an “Emergency Response Plan” that details our response to the following emergency situations: fire, severe weather, armed intruder, medical emergency, bomb threat, and utility failure. 

Please note that in the case of severe weather your children will be the first to move to shelter and will move to the safest areas in the building. Those in the Worship Center will be given specific directions regarding movement to their shelter areas. 

Each ministry area has a plan in place that is designed to meet the safety needs of that particular ministry. 

Please note the map that shows the “safe areas” that should be used in the event of severe weather and a photograph of the sign posted above the doors identifying those “safe” areas. The map also shows the location of exits that may be used in the event of a fire.